Route 66

Route 66 is the heart and soul of the USA. Opening in 1926 it was the first paved highway from East to West. With over 2000 miles all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles it became the Mother Road of the nation through the Depression, World War 2 and the 50s & 60s when theme parks such as Disneyland opened on the West Coast and cars became more powerful and reliable. The road has stories for millions of people – it’s now time to create your own!
Our 28 day tour starts and finishes in Los Angeles making a 5800 mile loop. We head north through Las Vegas to the Bonneville salt flats where Burt Munro raced, up to Mount Rushmore in beautiful South Dakota before heading through the top of the Mississippi River area to Chicago which sits on the shores of Lake Michigan.
From Chicago we make our way back to Los Angeles following Route 66 as much as possible. However we aren’t really into big cities as it’s the small towns and country roads that give the best Route 66 experience, so at times we skip around those cities. We alternate short days with long days on the road, but each day will create fantastic memories for you.
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